Thursday, August 21, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding!?

Jeff was laid off yesterday. But here's the thing. In the last month, they have been hiring programmers. A new guy just started two weeks ago and a woman was slated to start work Monday. Not anymore. The ENTIRE programming group was let go. Why? The company wouldn't be able to make payroll in a couple of months if they stayed. So now the company has decided they will use the existing program, as is, and only keep one tech support person. No upgrades.

At noon, the team was called together and the president announced the layoffs. Are you ready for this? He then took them to lunch. At lunch he told them that the company would give them a call when they get "back on their feet". Riiight. Like the employees are going to jump to work there again.

It gets better. Because the company is small, they can cancel health insurance immediately. Which they did. We found out today, after MANY calls, that Jeff can maintain insurance by paying the premium to the company. And there is a grace period before the premium is due. We should receive a letter very soon on this. We'll have to do this for the short term. Jeff can't be uninsured. Not a good thing. But, the premium is higher than being self insured (we know from past experiences).

Here's what I don't understand. How can you possibly hire when your financial income is so dire? Is your head stuck up somewhere it doesn't shine? Are you simply ignorant of the most basic of money management? Do you balance your checkbook? Seriously? It's not rocket science. You need money to hire people. If your long term financial is not strong enough, then you don't hire. That, to me, is the most basic tenement of owning a business.

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Major Mom said...

Oh dear, I am SO SORRY! I can't believe the swiftness with which Jeff's companies decide to let folks, then let them go! What are they thinking? Where's the heart?

Best of luck through his job search -- let me know if you need anything, even from 1/2 way across the country!