Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lowes paint is...

crap. Sorry, no other way to put it. The guest bath is finally finished enough where I could paint the crown molding. The paint I chose for our molding 5 years ago is from Lowes. Years ago their paint was not too shabby. Somewhere along the way I think they have changed their formulation. I should have known better. I encountered this problem in December when I painted the dining room a lovely rich red. Then, after 4 coats of paint from Lowes, not including the primer coat, I went to Sherwin Williams. Their paint gave me great coverage in one coat.

So why didn't I go to SW this time? Good question. I was hopeful? Well, never again. Seriously. Never. The paint didn't want to adhere. It's a new can (well a month old). Should not be a problem. The crown molding was already primed. After three - 3- coats, the crown molding is painted and looking good!

Now, to tackle the ceiling paint touch ups, caulk, get the light fixture centered on the wall....This bathroom has some seriously bad karma!!

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