Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tax Free

This is NC's tax free weekend where you can by a ton of different things and not pay sales tax. I haven't participated in this for the last four years. Why? Well, I've always found better deals either before or after the weekend. The tax is only 6.75%. Plus, in the past, most stores did not run big sales in conjunction with the tax free weekend. This year stores are running some sales but not huge ones. People aren't shopping as much and store sales are suffering.

Will I go this year then? No. We just don't need anything. Not really. And the only thing I can think to buy for the future are more shoes for Grayson. His shoe size hasn't changed yet but it's been 6 months. It will happen soon. However, I'll do it online. He likes the running shoe he has now. I'll just order one size larger.

I'd like some more shoes myself. But, I won't join the masses this weekend. I love shoes and can think of several more I want but it isn't an actual need. And, while I'd love to spend the money on shoes for me, I really want us to go to DC this fall more. I want us to have a family vacation. Just the three of us. Something that Grayson can remember years later.

So to all you tax-free shopping fiends - be safe, have fun, and find good deals!!

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