Sunday, April 12, 2009

Upcoming PTA fun

I have a friend who is super involved in her son's PTA (way to go!!) and I told her I would put a post up about their spring fun raiser. I haven't had to be involved in PTA yet but she has given me ideas to think about for this coming school year. (Grayson starts kindergarten this summer - yikes!!) Below are the details.

Join us Friday, April 24th at Dillard Drive Elementary School for a great fun-raiser! The Art Fair will start at 5:30pm and will showcase our school wide talents in our very own gallery in the Media Center. Bingo Basket will begin at 6:00pm in the school cafeteria and all are welcome! Stroll through the main hall while enjoying a mango ice from Rita's or some hot popcorn from the PTA. Visit the free art station and make a craft to take home. Check out all our baskets from businesses like Home Depot, Beverly Nail Salon, Trader Joe's, Massage Envy, Monkey Joe's, Learning Express, Target, The Chocolate Bean, REI and Starbucks (just to name a few!). Plus, there will be Family Night and Couple's Only baskets for lunch or dinner at Moe's, Bentley's, House of Biryani, NY Pizza, Red Robin and Carolina Ale House (among others!). Need a weekend getaway? We just might have that too! Come try your luck and help our school at the same time! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What?! Me? Sarcastic? Never.

I'd like to say that I'm not sarcastic. That I don't love the irony in life. But it just isn't true. When Jeff and I argue, I have a bad tendency to get very sarcastic. And, often, when I make jokes, there is always at least a tinge of sarcasm or irony there.

I don't know where it comes from. Does it really matter? I mean, seriously. I do know that the only person I know more sarcastic than me is my friend Don. He can have a very biting sense of humor at times. Love it!!

So, anyway, the point here is that I have a new author I love. She's funny in a sarcastic, ironic, biting, self-effacing way. Her first book is "Bitter is the New Black" and I laughed out loud way too many times. She writes like she is having a conversation right next to me. I'm reading her second book, "Bright Lights, Big Ass" ("A self-indulgent, surly ex-sorority girl's guide to why it often sucks in the city, or who are these idiots and why do they all live next door to me?" see? funny, right?). Funny as well. Written a little differently but still, laugh out loud funny. Give it a try.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We might have to wrestle for it

This is the comment Jeff made last Thursday night when Grayson decided that he likes tamales. In the last couple of months, we have seen an increase in the foods Grayson will eat. And he's already a great eater! He's been eating sauteed spinach and roasted asparagus, as well as the common veggies (corn, green beans, peas) for a long, long time. He loves tacos, pesto pasta, and homemade pizzas with feta cheese. He also eats the normal kid cuisine foods (hot dogs, grilled cheese, hamburgers, tacos).

A little over a month ago, we had edamame. Grayson adored it. Two weeks ago he ate five ribs. We were amazed. None of the other kids we regularly hang out with would even think of touching ribs. Jeff said then that Grayson was starting to eat enough of "his food" that I would need to increase the quantity I cook. Then, one night I made homemade chicken pot pie. You guessed it - he ate A LOT of it. Not just enough to make us happy. He ate where we didn't have to ask him to eat xx number of bites. Then, as if it wasn't enough, he asked for leftovers for lunch. (His teachers always ask him what he has since it's not the normal PBJ lunches.)

The big event those was Thursday night. I made tamales for Jeff and I. I really didn't think Grayson would like them so I made cheese tortillas for him. Right after prayer Grayson looks at my plate, then Jeff's, then asks "What's that Mommy?" "Cheese tamales. Do you want to try it? It is made from corn. You like corn. Then it's filled with cheese and green chiles. It isn't hot." Sure enough, he wants a bite. Then another. And another. Now, I didn't make enough for him as well. So Jeff says "We might have to wrestle for the tamales Grayson!".

I'm not complaining. You kidding?! This is wonderful! A little strange among our friends but great for us. So, I guess I need to start cooking for three people in the house now - not 2 1/2 people. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thought for the New Year

Each year Jeff and I make a list of all the things we want to accomplish. A majority of them are things around the house - caulking, overseeding, add plants, etc. Rarely are they the standard "lose weight" type goals. But one is always there - define a budget for the year.

This upcoming year the budget will be the top of the list. And, really, is it any wonder? The economy is in the toilet and doesn't seem to slowing down as it heads for the sewers. Job markets are unstable, house values are declining, and retirements have been knocked flat. We as a society have gone too long thinking that more is better. And credit is like having free money.

maybe because things are so bad, I've been watching the Suze Orman show some lately. I really enjoy her frank comments and her no nonsense attitude. So, with the budget for next year in mind, I've decided to check out some of her books. I'd like us to not only have a budget but to become fiscally secure and strong. I don't want us to worry again about job losses or house values. It means things will be tight, I'm sure. And there will be lots of "no we can't buy that" in our house. But that's ok. Jeff and I will be better off and Grayson will learn that there are more important things than more "stuff". Wish us luck.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Brown envy

It's that time of year when children behave, kitchens are filled with sweet smells, and houses are decorated gaily. It's also the time of year that I experience envy. Specifically Big Brown envy. I'm talking about where you see the UPS and FedEx trucks driving through your neighborhood several times a day. They leave packages at all the houses it seems but yours. Yes, I want a package!

Why? Hmm, perhaps it's the anticipation of what the box holds. The unexpected surprise. Or perhaps it's just the sheer fun of opening a box, even when it's something you ordered yourself. Likely though it stems from my past career.

I worked in advertising before having Grayson. I was a Senior Media Planner and Buyer. And to the average Joe, that means nothing. In real people language - I'm the one who decided how the ad budget was spent. As you can imagine, sales reps want you on their side. They want to be "friends". They want the money! Visits from sales reps used to mean you would get some little trinket with their magazine/newspaper/website/tv channel logo on it. But at Christmas? Oh at Christmas the boxes would come. Not from everyone mind you. But enough would come that others in the ad agency would start making frequent trips to the media department in search of chocolates, cookies, and such. And food wasn't all you got. I have in my house a silver Tiffany picture frame (blessedly not engraved!). I received wine, turkeys (yes, as in more than one), gift certificates, and spa bath stuff.

The last few years I worked, the free goodies were less and less. Ad revenue was not as high and budgets were just not there for lots of holiday goodies to any but the biggest of spenders. My agency still received cookies and candies, just not in the same quantity. And I think all the years in advertising spoiled me at the holidays. I became accustomed to the boxes. I don't miss advertising. And I don't' truly miss the boxes. But it sure is cool when you get one! I hope you get at least one this year!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Latest Grayson photos

I haven't put many photos of Grayson up lately. Here are pics from Halloween and singing in choir. Enjoy!!

If only.....

I could say what I want right now. There is something I so want to blog about but.....I don't know who is reading this. No, it isn't a political blog. Spare me. The election is over and done. It's that I don't know if the person who said something to me today reads this. I doubt it, but, well, I have the kind of luck where they would read this.

So what's my solution? Drinks tonight with a girlfriend. I'll vent there. I've already vented to another mom and that helped too. All I will say is this:

Moms don't need to be lectured too. We have it hard enough. We already worry that we aren't doing the best we could. We know that we make mistakes. But we trust that our children know we love them and would do anything for them. There. Not much of a blog. I'm sorry. But oddly enough, I feel better. For all you moms out there - WAY TO GO!! Keep up the hard work!!