Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not a good night's sleep

Sometime yesterday our upstairs air conditioning went out (we have dual HVAC systems). Almost four years ago to the date, we replaced this air conditioner. So you can imagine my irritation. And, as luck would have it, it hit 99 yesterday. So it was bloody hot upstairs. None of us slept well since it never got cooler than 86 on the top floor.

We have been paying one of those general home warranties for the last few years knowing that a lot of the big ticket items are 12 years old. And it has come in handy many times. Each year we have either broken even or come ahead. We would never have guessed though that the new unit would need work before the 12 year old one! Luckily, the problem was covered under warranty so we were only out $50.

The bad news is that the repairman told me that we probably have a slow leak somewhere. And, with the rising costs of HVACs, warranty plans like ours are finding more and more loopholes to get out of paying for new units. He recommended we get on a maintenance plan with someone. The repair and charge will easily get us through the rest of the year and, hopefully, all of next summer too. Then, when something does happen, we will have maintenance records to prove we have been taking care of the house.

We haven't been the best with regular maintenance on the units. We've done them, just not the recommended twice a year. We've had other things take priority. Now though this will take priority. Fun huh?

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