Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All Girl

I love girlie stuff. I don't mean sickly pink and frou frou stuff. I mean shoes, purses, jewelry, makeup, house decor.....

Knowing this, you can imagine how excited I am about Lush opening a store here. ( My husband introduced me to Lush a few years back. He had business in Toronto and brought several bath bombs back for my Mother's Day present. At first I was slightly annoyed that he brought me bath stuff for Mother's Day. Seemed a little casual. Did he not think being a full time mom was hard? That a few bath bombs would tell me how much he appreciated my efforts?

But then, one smell and I was hooked. They aren't cheap. But oh how they smell. And fizz and foam. I don't often take a long leisurely bath. At the end of the day I'm pooped. And just somehow not often in the mood. These bath bombs will do it though. And it's all natural. How can you not love that?!

I won't go to the opening Saturday. The mall is a madhouse on weekends anyway. I'll go sometime next week. Perhaps a girlfriend can go with me. One who also loves the woman inside herself. I know I'll find my way there many times over the next few months. Perhaps even do some Christmas shopping there. :)

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