Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love you more than God

Lately Grayson has become very lovey with me. More than usual. He has even told Jeff that he loves me more. Thankfully my husband is a good sport. He knows a lot of it has to do with me staying home. I'm with him all the time. And I'm guilty of hugging and kissing him A LOT. (He's so darn cute I can't help it!!)

This week though he told me he loves me more than God loves me. Now we all know that just isn't so. But in his world it's possible. As my mom put it, I'm his universe. Which is nice. My heart swells that he loves me so much. The downside though is that I get no personal space. None. Potty time? He's with me, talking. Shower? Yep, he has something to tell me that can't wait then too. On the phone? Are you kidding - that's when he REALLY has to talk to me.

I know that one day I won't be the universe. And he won't be as openly affectionate. I'll probably hear the refrain of "Mooom! You're embarrassing me!!" So for now, I'll grin through the constant touching and cuddling and talking. Because, one day, I'll miss this more than I can imagine.

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Major Mom said...

I'm there now with Jacob -- the "Mooooooom, don't do that!" when I try to kiss or hug him in public. He got that way earlier this year...

Thankfully I have my Timmy who showers me with all the love and attention I ever need :-). Sounds like Timmy went to the Grayson "Velcro Boy" school of being a son. But I guess I'm at about 2 years and counting until he wants to be his own boy, too. Sniff sniff.