Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where have we been?

I know I haven't written in a week or so. Grayson turned five on Aug. 25th (another blog on that) and then we traveled to Texas for the holiday weekend. Between those two events, I stayed crazy busy!

My in laws live in San Angelo, which is on the west side of TX. It takes us almost a day to travel. Because there are few flights into San Angelo, we typically fly into Austin and then drive the rest of the way. By the time it's done, all three of us are just pooped. Jeff's parents are in their 80s so it is very important that we make the time for Grayson to see them. This trip was a little harder for me than usual since my uncle passed away two days prior.

I don't come from a large family. And usually that's ok. But we've had two deaths now in the last year and we're getting smaller. I loved my uncle very much but there was no way I could make the memorial. My husband's family needed to take precedence. On top of which, the death wasn't unexpected. He had been sick for a few years now and his health had been failing. I know he's in a better place but it's still hard losing a loved one. I pray that my mom and aunt found strength and comfort this past weekend.

There really isn't anything to report about San Angelo. Seriously. Nothing. And we've never had much chance to see Austin either. This time, though, we did get a chance to see the bats emerge from Congress Avenue Bridge. Usually the bats leave the bridge at dusk. Not this time. Sometimes they leave later if the insects aren't plentiful enough (come to my house - we have LOTS!). This was one of those nights apparently. Jeff couldn't really see anything since it was quite dark. Grayson and I barely made out the bats leaving. Kind of anti climatic. But at least we've done it. I don't have any pictures because, well, it was too dark!! So, here's a link at what we should have seen. :)

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