Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Exercise

Over the last few months, Jeff and I have taken up jogging (well, more like a jog-walk combo for me). We haven't been as consistent as we would have liked but we are trying. Last Friday Grayson asked to go with us. (Clarification - we have been jogging individually, not as a couple. No calls to Social Services are needed! :) )

He did a great job! I was really impressed. And humbled. We went .8 mile. He was tired at the end but not so much that he didn't want to do it again. So, today, we went again. This time we ran just shy of a mile. He needs to walk a little more than Jeff and I but that's ok with me. I think it's great he wants to exercise. Along the way, he makes us work a little harder too!

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