Monday, September 22, 2008

Not all TV is bad

As a parent, you are bombarded with news articles and "helpful" moms telling you not to let your child watch TV. It can lead to obseity, lack of attention in school, lower IQ, etc. While that could be (and probably is) true, not all TV is equal.

We are very careful about both the amount of TV and the type of programs we let Grayson watch. Not just because we believe everything we read but because, well, it's not really needed to have a fulfilled childhood. I believe that creativity isn't sparked by watching the TV. But I also know that there are, in my oh so humble opinion, times when it is justified in this house. Grayson knows he can watch a short show before nap and bedtime. Contrary to any media reports out there, this settles my child down. It's part of his routine and he knows sleep is next. He also watches sometimes when I'm sick or need to get something done and can't with him around my feet. You know what else? I also know that I watched TV growing up and I turned out just fine.

So, what does he watch? Well, a lot of PBS. Sid the Science Kid, Zula Patrol, Jakers, and Cyberchase are some of his favorites. He also loves Scooby Doo. Come on! What kid doesn't love Scooby Doo>!? Heck I still like it!

Here's how I know that it isn't all bad though. Today, coming home from a birthday party, my son decides to tell me all about the moon. Why we can only see one side. How the other side is in the dark and why. And more. And he had it all right!! Now, Jeff and I didn't tell him this stuff. This is straight from watching Zula Patrol! Not only did it entertain him, but he learned something!! How cool is that?! So, all TV is not bad. And it isn't all equal. But most of all - I'm doing something right. :)


Karen Baratz said...

Dear Southern Girl-
I saw your great posting on THE ZULA PATROL. I am assuming you saw that show on PBS? I wanted to be sure you were aware of the fact that THE ZULA PATROL (and a lot of other high-quality kid's shows) air on qubo, the Saturday morning block on NBC and qubo Channel (a digital cable channel). I feel pretty confident that you would find all of qubo's shows to meet the TV viewing criteria you have for your son and they all reinforce teh idea that TV can be a teaching tool, when used properly. I'd love to send you some more info about qubo shows if you can kindly provide me with your email address.
Best regards,
Karen Baratz

Major Mom said...

Zula Patrol and Cyberchase are most excellent math and science shows. I'm slowly -- very slowly -- warming up to Sid the Science Kid, which Timmy watches more because it's on in the morning while Jake's at school.

My new favorite...oh yeah, the boys' new favorite WORDGIRL! It's hilarious and teaches kids new vocabulary and language arts skills similar to what Pinky Dinky Doo did a couple years ago. Hopefully you get it on WUNC?