Sunday, September 7, 2008

Turning 5!

I know, I know! I should have done this over a week ago! Hey, it's been a little crazy here and I just haven't had the time. Anyhoo, I said I would write about Grayson turning 5, so here it is!

Almost two weeks ago Grayson turned 5! It seems like just yesterday that he was walking and starting to talk. The time really has gone by fast! For birthdays in the past, we've been low-key, relative to other parties here. We had one at our pool when he turned 3 and last year, for his 4th birthday, we had a playdate at the park. But, this is 5. It's big to kids. They can now have a lot of toys that were off limits before. For many, they are starting kindergarten. Somehow, kids just instinctively get that 5 is a big year.

This time, we had his party at a local gymnastics facility. Grayson picked a pirate theme months ago and I was lucky enough to find most of the things at the dollar store. I made, in my humble opinion, the cutest cupcakes! I;m not good at decorating cakes and cupcakes. Baking in general I have covered! But the decorating part? Yeah, not so much.

Seven of his friends were able to make it. It was a great size because all the kids were able to do things many times. There was the rope swing, the trampoline, the foam pit, balance beam, tumbling, and more! For the most part, the pictures did not turn out well. Lighting was just too dark.

Most of the gifts were Legos. I don't even want to comment on the floor in the bonus room right now! However, Jeff and Grayson love it. The best part at the end, for me, was watching all the kids crowd around Grayson as he opened pictures. All the oohs and ahhs! So adorable!!

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Major Mom said...

Hi -- great pictures, especially of Baby Grayson sitting in the chair! I'm glad Grayson had a fun birthday party, and those cupcakes were GENIUS!

This year Jake's birthday party is VERY small, he's inviting 4 kids, plus a "little sister" he doesn't really know, but we invited their family to join us. So 7 kids total, including Jake and Timmy, at Chuck E. Cheese.

Now to work on the Star Wars cake. Wish me luck, this one will