Monday, October 6, 2008

Bath Renovation, Part 2

At this point, living in an apartment looks good. No, seriously. This bathroom renovation is just awful! Here's where we stand now.

The tile floor is laid and looks great. Wasn't hard to do, just time consuming. Spreading the grout was a little harder but not much. Again, just took a while and the cleanup was more physically strenuous than I thought it would be. (Who knew you would need to scrub the tiles three times, hard, to get the residue off?!)

After the floor was laid, Jeff and I thought the best thing to do next would be to sand the areas of the wall that were dinged in the gutting process. We also decided to move the light fixture box so it would be centered on the vanity. Yes, you read correctly. The light box was not centered over the vanity in the first place. Now, you may recall from a previous post that the original light fixture was glued to the wall. We discovered a month ago, after patching the sheetrock from the glue, that the box wasn't centered when we hung up our new fixture. See, the original light was one of those hollywood globe lights that are standard contractor grade and it never showed up. The new fixture made it very apparant.

My husband is very handy. He went to Lowes and found all the stuff he needed to move the box. It was supposed to be as simple as adding a piece of wood to the 2x4 and then attaching the box to that. The box only needed to move over about 2 inches. Well, get this. The original box was never attached to the 2x4. It was simply pushed into the sheetrock. Yep. That's right. The box was attached to NOTHING!! I kid you not. Who does this kind of crappy work?>! Once again, a 30 minute job became a 2 hour job.

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