Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Two weeks ago I went to my gynecologist for my annual. I've been noticing some changes - nothing serious - and thought I'd ask him about it. Things like irritability, not sleeping well, quick mood changes, irregular periods, and here's the big clue - hot flashes. Yes, I'm in perimenopause. Oh the joy. Add this to the small but increasing amount of gray hair I'm finding and it's just a stellar month! For the record, I'm now 42 (as of today) and this starts in your 40's.

I knew it was coming. And I thought this would be his answer. But still it's a little unnerving. I mean, it's one more confirmation you're getting older. I don't mind the idea of not having a period anymore. Really, who would? But, why is a different story.

I came home and told Jeff the news. He took it like a typical man (meaning his only comment was "OK") until I told him this could last up to 10 years. Then he just looked at me. He has been on the receiving end of the mood swings and crankiness a lot lately. He just looked at me a LONG time. I think he was dazed. His next comment - what can I (meaning me not him) do for it? Answer - low dose birth control pills.

I don't really want to do that. I don't know why. I enjoy the freedom of not having to remember taking it. (For those who don't know, Jeff was snipped three years ago.) And the savings is nice too. But after this weekend, I think I'll have to go on it. I really was a *itch to both Grayson and Jeff. Jeff is one thing, but Grayson can't understand all this. And he shouldn't have to.

So, I can't believe I wrote this. Southern ladies don't talk about these things in public. But, then I thought, I don't know who's reading this. And the ones I do know about, I'd tell anyway! Something to look forward to ladies!

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Major Mom said...

What's a great blog without discussion of "hot topics"? But you've certainly got me thinking about how soon it'll hit me! Yikes! Good luck!