Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thought for the New Year

Each year Jeff and I make a list of all the things we want to accomplish. A majority of them are things around the house - caulking, overseeding, add plants, etc. Rarely are they the standard "lose weight" type goals. But one is always there - define a budget for the year.

This upcoming year the budget will be the top of the list. And, really, is it any wonder? The economy is in the toilet and doesn't seem to slowing down as it heads for the sewers. Job markets are unstable, house values are declining, and retirements have been knocked flat. We as a society have gone too long thinking that more is better. And credit is like having free money.

maybe because things are so bad, I've been watching the Suze Orman show some lately. I really enjoy her frank comments and her no nonsense attitude. So, with the budget for next year in mind, I've decided to check out some of her books. I'd like us to not only have a budget but to become fiscally secure and strong. I don't want us to worry again about job losses or house values. It means things will be tight, I'm sure. And there will be lots of "no we can't buy that" in our house. But that's ok. Jeff and I will be better off and Grayson will learn that there are more important things than more "stuff". Wish us luck.

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Major Mom said...

Good luck! I know one of the things we'll be trimming on this year are all the road trips and vacations. We traveled so much when we were in NC -- perhaps it's a blessing in disguise that we're so far from everything here, it's simply too expensive to travel. It also helps that in the winter here, it's too difficult to go out to eat, our eating out budget will go down, too.