Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mommy, it's not ours.

Sometimes, as a parent, you wonder just how good of a job you are doing raising your child. I mean, sure, they know you love them. And you feed and take care of them. Clothe them. But, I'm talking about manners, ethics. All the toughies.

This morning Grayson and I were brushing our teeth. Since we are in the middle of remodeling the guest bath (another post needed there!), he is in the master bathroom with me. There he finds a partially used tube of Crest Junior. This was left by my brother's family when they visited in June. (Someone is always leaving something at someone's house in my family!) We haven't bought Crest Junior yet - I've been purchasing the toddler Oral B toothpaste (cooler packaging to me). Grayson wants to know where his toothpaste is. I tell him to just use the Crest Junior. It's early still, I have a thousand things on my mind, and, really, does it matter?! His response? "Mommy, it's not ours." I reply it's ok. Uncle Christian won't mind. They don't need it now. We can use it. Grayson says "We have to give it back. We can't keep something that isn't ours." My heart swelled. And my mind was amazed. My child has been listening to all the things we try to teach him! And he gets it!! Mind you it's over a tube of toothpaste, but who cares?!

You want your children to do the right thing. So, Christian and Stephanie, while I'm not mailing the toothpaste back, Grayson and I agreed we would bring you a new tube when we see y'all next. I have too. He's right. It's not ours. :)

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