Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi, it's me

So, I'm making the leap into blogging. Mind you, my husband has wanted me to do this for the last four years. I didn't want to start a blog. I don't know that I have the commitment others do for this now either. But, I have friends and family scattered around the country. It's hard to keep up with them. A simple question like "what's been going on" is met with a blank thought from me. Why? Because I have a little boy who is almost 5. Do you have any idea what goes on in our house?! Almost every day is a new adventure. Some good, some bad. How can I possibly remember to share everything in a monthly phone call! Hence the blog. I'm sure that at times you might find my blog a ramblin mess. Bear with me. Laugh with me. And enjoy.

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